Coalition of Community Health Clinics

CCHCThe Coalition of Community Health Clinics is a 24 year old network of thirteen private, non-profit community health clinics located throughout Multnomah County in Oregon. All Coalition clinics are united by the desire to provide health care to vulnerable populations experiencing barriers accessing health care. The mission of the Coalition is to improve access to quality health care for underserved populations. To meet its mission, the Coalition provides a hub from which the Member Clinics can gather support and work together to share best practices, efficiently utilize limited resources and coordinate patient services between clinics. A key service and strategy of the Coalition is centralized management of programs that serve all clinics and their patients. The Coalition develops and manages the grants, contracts and trainings associated with these programs. By creating cost savings across the delivery system, we are better able to maximize limited resources for delivering care to the uninsured.

The Coalition is partnering with CIMPH on the Preventative Medicine/Public Health Residency Program.

Disparity Reducing Advances

The Disparity Reducing Advances ProjectThe Disparity Reducing Advances Project (the DRA Project) is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder project developed by the Institute for Alternative Futures to identify the most promising advances for bringing health gains to the poor and underserved and accelerating the development and deployment of these advances. The DRA Project works to overcome health disparities by targeting the advances with the highest potential for success, and then creating a network of organizations committed to accelerating the development and deployment of those advances. The network includes health care systems and local providers, major federal government agencies, technology developers, and consumer and patient organizations.

CIMPH is a partner of the DRA Project.

International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine

The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine will host the third International Research Conference on Integrative Medicine and Health (IRCIMH) in May 2012, in Portland, Oregon. IRCIMH’s mission is to foster the development of new collaborations and to strengthen existing partnerships. This Congress will showcase original scientific research through eight keynote and plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations, and innovative sessions. Areas of Integrative medicine and health research presented and discussed at the Congress will include basic science, clinical trials, lifestyle and prevention, methodology, health services, cost effectiveness, and education.

CIMPH is a Participating Organization in the IRCIMH.

Mercy & Wisdom Healing Center

Mercy & Wisdom Healing Center logoThe Mercy and Wisdom Healing Center is a non-profit organization providing health care to the Portland, Oregon community, especially to those who cannot afford traditional medical services. Mercy and Wisdom also serves as an educational institute to teach the public how to achieve and maintain health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our mission is to help low income and underinsured people achieve health through integrative medical care and education. Mercy and Wisdom also serves as a clinical training site for senior medical interns.

Mercy and Wisdom will serve as a clinical rotation site for the CIMPH Preventative Medicine/Public Health Residency Program.

National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health

NNED logoTo address disparities in behavioral health care, the National Network to Eliminate Disparities (NNED) in Behavioral Health was formed with support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in partnership with the National Alliance of Multi-ethnic Behavioral Health Associations. Our goal is to build a national network of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and sexual minority communities and organizations to promote policies, practices, standards and research to eliminate behavioral health disparities. The NNED supports information sharing, training and technical assistance among organizations and communities dedicated to the behavioral health and well-being of diverse communities. The NNED identifies and links “pockets of excellence” in reducing disparities and promoting behavioral health equity as well as helping to reduce duplication of services.

CIMPH is an NNED partner.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center logoOur mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate primary health care to the communities of Washington and Yamhill Counties in Oregon, with a special emphasis on migrant and seasonal farm workers and others with barriers to receiving healthcare.

In 1975, beautiful six year old Virginia Garcia and her farm worker parents traveled from their home in Mission, Texas to California and Oregon to work in the fields. Along the way Virginia cut her foot, and by the time they reached Oregon, it had become infected. Due to economic, language and cultural barriers to healthcare, Virginia died from what should have been an easily treatable wound on Father’s Day as her own father was working in the fields, unaware of the tragic turn of events. Moved to action by Virginia’s unnecessary death, the community quickly rallied together to open the first Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in a three-car garage, determined to prevent similar tragedies from occurring. Today, Virginia Garcia provides over 110,000 office visits to more than 30,000 patients a year in Washington and Yamhill Counties at our four primary care clinics, three dental offices, and two school-based health centers. We also provide outreach to schools, community health fairs and to migrant and seasonal farm workers at local camps through our mobile clinic.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center will serve as a clinical rotation site for the CIMPH Preventative Medicine/Public Health Residency Program.

What’s In The Heart

What's In The Heart logoWhat’s in the Heart is a documentary film exploring the ways in which American Indians continue their historical traditions of living in health, harmony and hope in the face of the tremendous challenges that place them in the lowest realms of behavioral and physical health in the country. It looks at the medical crisis in Indian country, but more importantly, reveals amazing Indian people who have created innovative healing programs utilizing best practices both from modern medicine and traditional healing to heal their communities. The film will review current-day social injustices as manifested in the stark health disparities between today’s Indians and their non-Indian counterparts. For, in Indian Country, levels of alcoholism and drug abuse, obesity, diabetes, suicide, infant mortality, accidental death and depression are the highest in the nation.

CIMPH is a sponsor of What’s in the Heart. View trailer.