Educational Programs

CIMPH is dedicated to educating health care providers in adapting integrative medical approaches for effective use in low income and underserved communities. We provide two general categories of trainings. The first category is for practitioners already working in underserved communities who wish to develop their integrative medical skills and learn how to best adapt them for specific populations. The second category is training for current integrative practitioners who wish to improve their skills working in underserved communities. We can also develop specialized trainings for the needs of your group.

In addition, we are launching the first Public Health/Preventative Medicine Residency program for naturopathic physicians.

Public Health Programs

We are committed to designing, implementing and evaluating public health programs that use integrative methods for disease prevention and treatment. CIMPH experts are available to consult on your programs. In addition, we currently have several programs in development. Learn more.

The Network

The Network is a community of health care providers, public health practitioners and medical and public health students who share a common interest in the role of integrative medicine in both primary care and public health practice in underserved communities. In order for us all to work more effectively we have created a forum for coming together as a community to share ideas, resources and information. Join now!