Public Health

We are committed to designing, implementing and evaluating public health programs that use integrative methods for disease prevention and treatment. CIMPH experts are available to consult on your programs. In addition, we currently have several programs in development. At this time we are focusing our efforts in the areas of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Enhanced Food Stamp Nutrition

This program is developing a curriculum to educate people who rely on the use of food stamps on how to maximize nutritional benefit while working with limited resources.

Community Support for the Prevention and Treatment of
Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

People living with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes and those at risk for these conditions are often faced with insurmountable obstacles in making the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to prevent and/or control their illness. This program implements integrative medical interventions to support not only patients but their families and friends in order to facilitate and sustain healthful changes within an entire community. Programs will be evaluated for efficacy and reproducibility.

Sustainable Food Supply in Low Income Communities

Dietary improvements can be one of the best resources to prevent and treat many chronic conditions. We are currently exploring programs that improve and sustain access to healthy food supplies in underserved populations.