What’s In The Heart

What’s in the Heart is a documentary film that takes a life-affirming look at cutting edge programs addressing the enormous health disparities between American Indians and all other Americans.

The suicide rate for Native Americans is 72% higher than all other Americans; their diabetes mortality rate is 249% higher. And, their death-from-alcoholism is 672% higher.

These health disparities are not genetic. They are caused by living conditions and circumstances that are directly related to social injustices. What’s in the Heart is a documentary that shares with its viewers remarkable health care initiatives that are making headway against these alarming statistics, initiatives developed and managed by American Indians. The lessons we learn will benefit other Indian groups but also can benefit us all as we strive to meet the challenges of the 21st century for sustainability. The film will review obvious current-day social injustices as manifested in the stark health disparities between today’s Indians and their non-Indian counterparts. For, in Indian Country, levels of alcoholism and drug abuse, obesity, diabetes, suicide, infant mortality, accidental death and depression are among the highest in the nation.

What's In The Heart logoWhat’s in the Heart is developed and produced by Kitty Farmer and Watersong Productions. The film will be directed by Kitty Farmer and Dustinn Craig, White Mountain Apache. We are also thrilled to have the commitment of cinematographers, Emmy-nominated Erin Harvey, and Shana Hagan who has shot Academy Award, Emmy and IDA-winning documentaries.